How to Clean your Vinyl Fence by Fence Builders of Fort Worth

Vinyl Fences: The Dirty Truth

Vinyl fences are a very popular fencing material and for good reason. Vinyl fences are cheaper than other kinds of fences. They’re fire resistant, weather resistant, and hardly ever need repair. They are also simple and easy to install. All a vinyl fence requires is a wash down with soapy water every week or so. It’s not a good idea to forget to clean your fence. A vinyl fence that has not been cleaned for a while will quickly begin to harbor stains, mold, moss and mildew. Mold, unless it’s in cheese, is never cool. The root patterns in moss can penetrate your fence from the inside and cause damage.

Process For Cleaning Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences, when neglected, require more intense forms of cleaning. So give your fence a proper wash often! A good way to perform consistent maintenance is just washing your fence down every week or two weeks. Just give it a once over with the hose and scrub any developing stains with a little soapy water. That should be enough to leave your vinyl nice and clean and good to go.

If you have stains that are a little tough to get through don’t worry. You just need to bump up the cleaning solution that you’re using. Fill a bucket with five parts water to one part detergent and grab a rag. After going over your vinyl fence with a hose, rub down your fence with the soapy rag. For tougher stains use a light abrasive and scrub it out. Be gentle with vinyl – it can get damaged if handled too roughly.

If your vinyl fence is very dirty, you may need to get a pump sprayer. Bleach is a very strong cleaning solution, and it should take care of any moss, mildew and stains on your fence. Just spray your vinyl evenly with a mixture of twenty parts water to one part bleach. Avoid the use of a power sprayer when cleaning vinyl. The force of water is too strong and your vinyl could be damaged as a result. If you’re still not getting the clean you want, consider buying a specialty vinyl chemical cleaner for your fence.

Rely on Professional Cleaning For Your Vinyl Fence in Fort Worth.

You may have some very tough stains on your fence. Red iron stains and mildew can get pretty rough on a vinyl fence that has been neglected. If you feel like you’ve done the most you can do alone, it’s okay to call for help. At Fort Worth Fence builders we won’t charge you a fortune for quality vinyl fence cleaning. We’ll make that fence sparkle like new again, just you wait. You can protect your fence from mold by sealing it with a mold repellent product as well. Whatever you need, our top rated fence contractors in Fort Worth will do the job. Call or go online now for a free quote on professional vinyl cleaning in Fort Worth, Texas.

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