Vinyl Fences: The Real MVP

Alright, I’m biased. However, after learning about the sheer greatness of vinyl fences you will be too. Vinyl is such an amazing fence material and it really is so simple and so easy to take care of. I mean, let’s talk about wood for a little bit. Back in the day when we use to watch those black and white programs and the families lived in the beautiful little homes with the white picket fence and it was just all so perfect!

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Well, not so much. Wood is a nice fence material and it’s pretty cheap. I mean, I’m willing to bet fifty clams that there is wood right outside of your home! With the amazing price of wood and the white picket fence dreams, most people decide that is what they want and no one can stop them! Well, I have to stop you because wood is a mess.

The amount of maintenance that wood requires is outrageous! You actually end up with no sort of savings and no deal because the amount of money that you spend on repairing, sanding, staining, painting, etc., is more than you spent on the wood fence, to begin with! Then, you also have to worry about termites, and rain, and animals, and ugh! It’s a literal mess.

With vinyl, on the other hand, you have a greater chance of happiness. Vinyl is the best fence type around because it is essentially like wood. You can have a vinyl fence that looks just like wood and is even styled exactly like wood! I mean, you can have that white picket fence look without all the trouble of wood. 

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With a wood white picket fence, you are going to have to constantly refresh the white color because once it starts to chip, it’ll look pretty awful if you don’t fix it! And to fix it you are going to need to strip the paint, clean the fence, sand the fence, and then repaint it.

With a vinyl white picket fence, all you have to do is wipe it down every once in a while. A vinyl fence can go up to ten years with little to no regular maintenance! I mean, who really wants to constantly clean a fence? I mean, not me and you probably don’t either! Vinyl fences are also weather resistance. With wood, enough rain, and leaves and it starts to rot and get messed up. On the other hand, vinyl is unaffected by rain. It won’t rot or get messed up and after it rains, if it gets really muddy, all you’ll have to do is hose it down! 

Vinyl costs less than wood as well. While on the very beginning vinyl will cost more, the amount of money you save on having to practically never, ever maintain your vinyl fence, and the amount of money you are going to spend on having to repair a wood fence, vinyl is definitely the more cost-effective option. So as you can see, vinyl is the way to go. If you are looking for someone to install your vinyl fence, the best fence contractors in Fort Worth, TX is the right choice.

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