Why Vinyl Fences Are Better Than Wood Fences

Vinyl fences are better than wood fences. There is definitely no question about that. The only thing is, I can’t just tell you that, I actually have to explain to you in plain terms why that is true. I mean, you can’t believe what some random person on the internet says, you need to see for yourself. That is why I am writing this whole article, to show you why vinyl is and will always be better than wood. To be honest, I am a little biased but whatever, right?


Wood does have some pretty good qualities. It is dirt cheap and it is the most accessible fencing material I would say. It’s cheap so you can get it if you just really need a fence and you don’t have any preferences. Wood fences are also great because there are various styles that they can be put in. Also, wood fences are one of the only fences that can be painted. In fact, they might be the only one. If you are not bound by the HOA. then you have free reign to paint your fence whatever color you want, isn’t that great? So, I mean, wood has some pretty great qualities and if it was only those things, it would be pretty hard to choose between wood and vinyl. The only problem is that wood has quite a few faults. For one, wood fence installations are so very susceptible to water.

wood fence installation in fort worth
Wood fence installation in Fort Worth

They can rot, mold and pretty much fall apart if they deal with enough rain. Not to mention, they can get termites and knotholes and all types of weird stuff. If you leave wet leaves around the base of your wood fence, then you are going to have to deal with a messed up fence. The overall integrity of the fence will be ruined and it probably won’t be able to hold up as well as it used to. Wood fences are also bad because yes, you can paint them, but the only problem is that if you paint them and the paint starts chipping or gets messed up in an area, you are going to have to peel off all of that paint and re-do the entire fence. I mean, that is not fun and it costs money. I mean, wood is great and all, but it honestly has way too many faults I think. I mean, with all the work you are going to have to put into it, it will end up costing more than vinyl anyway.


So, vinyl actually does have a couple of faults, but it is nothing too crazy. If you live in an area that has intense winters, then you might want to reconsider vinyl because once it gets cold enough, a vinyl fence will take on an ice-like quality and then snap if it makes contact with any heavy, blunt pressure. That isn’t great, but it is something that you probably don’t have to worry too much about. Another fault that vinyl has is that if it gets hit hard enough, like with a baseball going over 100 miles an hour it can break. As long as nothing like this is happening, then you should be okay. Vinyl is amazing because it has the same qualities as wood. Meaning, it can do pretty much all of the same things that wood can do.

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For example, a vinyl fence can be turned into a classic white picket fence. Isn’t that incredible? To make a wood picket fence you have to paint the fence white and if that paint starts to chip it will just be a whole lot of trouble. If you have a vinyl fence, it will be a beautiful white picket fence for many years to come. Yes, it does cost more than wood, but with all the repairs and all the different things you are going to have to do for your wood fence, a vinyl fence is a better option because it will last longer with you having to do a lot less work. If you get a vinyl fence, it is also super easy to clean. In fact, all you really have to do is spray it down with a hose every once in a while and that will keep it clean. Vinyl is great for someone that wants a fence that they don’t have to do a lot of work to take care of.

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